Anthony Moore
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Anthony Moore

Anthony Moore – Director- Administration & Client Services.

Tony ensures that all systems are running at full 100 in sync with client services. This means dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s taking care of all things governance and administrative while ensuring that ACI’s entrepreneurial ecosystem is finely tuned for consistent team building, creativity and growth. Anthony has created several specialized investment funds such as a Caribbean Growth & Income Fund, Caribbean Money Market Fund, a Global Property Fund and a Global Energy Fund and has worked extensively in the Trinidad & Tobago credit union sector. He served as Vice-President of Eastern Credit Union, the largest credit union in Trinidad & Tobago and as Chairman of the Investment Committee that analyzed, structured, executed and managed many portfolio investments in energy companies, insurance products, venture capital funds, mutual funds and a wide variety of greenfield operations. Anthony also served for several years as the Chairman of the TELCO Staff Pension Fund, one of the largest pension plans in the country with over TT$2 billion in assets under management. He graduated from Concordia University, Montreal Canada with a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Management and a minor in Finance.


Leadership, Technical