Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions to ACI

What is the ACI intake process?
Prospective portfolio clients are asked to register online via the registration form. All responses would be shortlisted and shortlisted applicants will be asked to make a pitch/presentation to our screening committee. Successful applicants would be notified via email. An average of 10 portfolio clients will be selected each intake cycle.
What are your fees?
Payment for participation in ACI’s Accelerator is a combination of Portfolio Client fees of US$6,000 (with option for monthly payments); Success Fees/Commissions ranging between 2% - 6% for a successful raise; and Equity participation between 5% - 10%
What are the keys to successful acceptance into your program?
Portfolio clients are selected based on demonstrated ability to achieve scalable targeted growth in local, regional and international markets. A successful application should reflect elements of the following:
  • Stated Goal/Objectives
  • Definition of Business Service/Product and Vision
  • Key Team Members
  • Target Markets/Competitive Strategy
  • Business Model(s) – How does your business make money in a sustainable way?
  • Business Unique Innovation/Technology (Proprietary) Solutions
  • Elements for Scaling & Growth
  • Company/Business Status – Performance to date (sales and growth metrics)
  • Projections for the Future – (financial, market, structures, etc.)
What is a virtual accelerator?
Through ACI’s online platforms and delivery systems, portfolio clients will be able to access their accounts and receive key services such as mentors, investors and technical training wherever they are located. There are no physical requirements for acceptance into ACI’s accelerator.
How long is the term?
Each accelerator intake cycle runs for a maximum of 6 months. There will be 2 intake cycles per year
What guarantees do I have that I will have a deal at the end of the process?
ACI guarantees that portfolio clients will have access to the best-in-class technical training and coaching with structured pathways to exit and grow within a finite time. Portfolio clients will also have access to ACI’s mentors, investors and markets networks to realize structured deals. ACI does not guarantee specific deals.
What kind of companies are you interested in?
ACI targets SMEs and Startups drawn from the Caribbean region and Diaspora who can scale quickly, meet investors’ criteria and penetrate new international markets with high returns. Please view our Accelerator page for the various target segments.
Can I skip the accelerator and just get your deal making services?
ACI’s Accelerator is designed with an inherent deal-making focus and all services are oriented towards structuring deals for portfolio clients. There is no set period for structuring or realizing deals. That depends on the respective stages of the portfolio clients who are accepted via our intake process.
When are your intake periods?
ACI’s next intake period is from August 1, 2016 to September 20, 2016.